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Michael Burry Net Worth 2023, Life, Education, Career and his height.

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Michael Burry who’s original name is Michael James Burry was born on June 19, 1971 at the city of California, San Jose. Michael Burry net worth in 2023 is estimated to be USD 300 Million.

Michael Burry’s struggle begins from his childhood as when he was 2 years old, he lost his left eye due to retinoblastoma. It is a form of a cancer that rapidly develops from immature retinal cells after this condition, he replaced his eye with an artificial eye.

Michael Burry Early Life & Education:

Michael Burry was born in San Jose, California and he was also brought up there. He attended Santa Teresa High School there. After completing high school there he then joined University Of California, located at Los Angeles. He studied Economics and Pre-Medical there.

He then got MD degree of doctorate from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. As he was studying medical but he was more interested in finance , it was his first choice and passion. So, when he was off duty, he started working as a part time financial investor.

Michael Burry Height:

Michael Burry height is 1.70m. (5′ 6“)

Investment times of Michael Burry:

Firstly, Michael was working as a doctor at Stanford Hospital in the department of Pathology and Neurology. But he was more interested in finance so he left his medical career and started working as full time finance investor. He then founded his own hedge fund, Scion Asset Management, and made his name as a successful investor. His knowledge of finance always make him choose right stocks and make great profits from them.

Michael is a famous well known person in the investment categories and he is being invited by many companies and other events as a guest speaker. His passion had made him rich as many companies are attracted towards burry as his choice of picking stocks make everyone shock.

At this time , Michael Burry is an investor, manager of Hedge fund and also a doctor.

Michael Burry Net Worth :

Michael Burry has net worth of $300 Million USD.

Michael Burry Net Worth 2023, Life, Education, Career and his height.

In November 2000, Michael founded hedge fund scion capital his own company, with the support of his family members and also with help of his own assets for funding. His investors started making great profits right after opening of his company.

In 2001, the average return percentage on investments was 55% in the hedge fund scion capital, with overall market share of 28.69% in 2003, but with his knowledge of finance and investments he beat the overall market growth, and his overall return on investments was 50% for that year.

Michael was holding 600 Million USD in hedge fund scion capital by the end of 2004.

Between the period of November 2000 to June 2008, Michael’s scion capital earned total returns of 489.34%.

The total profit Michael made from hedge fund scion capital was 100 million USD and his investors made 700 Million USD for the investments they made in credit default swaps.

In 2008, the company was closed temporarily by Michael Burry with all his funds being liquidated and he then started focusing on his personal investments. It is his wise decision, as if he did not close his company then his business might have gotten financial bailouts from the U.S government.

Later, he decided to restart his business with new name Scion Asset Management.

Michael Burry Personal Life:

Michael is currently residing in Saratoga, California. He is married and he has child. Michael’s son is fighting with disease called Asperger’s syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disease by which it is being difficult for him to interact socially and conduct nonverbal communication.

All this difficulties make Michael more strong and he earns more wealth after this.

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FAQ’s About Michael Burry:

  1. How much money did Michael Burry earn?

    Michael made $100 Million USD for himself and $700 Million USD for his investors from Hedge Fund Scion Capital.

  2. What condition does Michael Burry have?

    When he was child, he lost his left eye. And currently he is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

  3. What kind of physician is Michael Burry?

    Michael Burry is a neurologist.

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Conclusion :

In this article, we discussed Michael Burry net worth , his career, education , investments.




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