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Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2023,2025,2030,2040,2050 and 2060

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If you are looking for Nikola stock price prediction for upcoming years then this guide will help you a lot as we have predicted price of Nikola stock for different years. Many investors are interested in automobile industry and Nikola is one of them. Nikola is a truck manufacturing company with great revenue per year. Stock market experts expects great return from Nikola.

Nikola Company Overview

Nikola is heavy-duty manufacturing company based in America. It manufactures electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles and energy solutions.

Nikola was founded in 2014 by the Trevor Milton. Current CEO of the company is Steve Girsky and chairman is Steve Shindler.

Last year revenue of the company was around US$50.8 Million.

The company is well known for inventing new concept of vehicle as one of them is turbine-electric semi-truck.

The company is doing great growth and increasing their sales time by time. In February 2022, the company had delivered around 300 to 500 electric semi-trucks to their customers.

The Nikola is one of the leading company in heavy duty vehicle manufacturing industry. The company is focused on the electric vehicle manufacturing and want to compete with the cars working on the diesel but currently they are leading in the heavy duty vehicles so they producing for heavy duty vehicles instead of car manufacturing.

There was fall in the stock price of Nikola from past few months but it will recover very soon. Investors are still interested in Nikola stock because company is going increase their marketing and production. So let’s have a look on Nikola stock price predictions.

Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2023


As from the beginning of the 2023 Nikola stock price was going down continuously. We have analyzed the business of the company and understand what company was doing to restore their stock price. Company is doing some arrangements to increase their production and delivery rate.

Our predictions after understanding business of Nikola is made that maximum targeted price is estimated to be around $2 and minimum targeted price is estimated to be around $0.6. However, average price of Nikola stock will be around $1.3 in 2023.

Checkout live price and chart of NIKOLA.

Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2024


By 2024, if Nikola succeeds in recovering their stock value then the price of Nikola might reach at $5 per share but if it does not succeeds in recovering their current situation till 2024 then their price might be $2 or less than it. However, average price of Nikola will be around $1.8 in the starting of 2024.

Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2025


According to our technical analysis, in 2025 maximum targeted price of Nikola is around $7 and minimum targeted price is around $5. However, average price of Nikola stock will be around $5.6 in 2025.

We are expecting that Nikola would be successful automobile company in 2025 by recovering their current situation.

Nikola Price Prediction 2030


In 2030, Nikola price may go up as the craze of EV vehicles is increasing day by day and many people are moving from diesel powered vehicle to electric vehicles which will be positive signal for Nikola as the sales of the EV vehicles will be also increase. If the company survives till the 2030 then their trust towards customers will also increase with increase in their vehicles demand

As per experts analysis, it seem that Nikola stock price may reach at $15 as the highest targeted price with lowest targeted price of $10. The average price of Nikola stock will be around $11.64 in 2030.

Nikola Stock Forecast 2035


As for long term investment, Nikola may give good results to their investors as we predict that Nikola price might reach at $21 as the maximum price and minimum targeted price for Nikola for the year 2035 is around $19. Average price of Nikola will be around $19.87 in the year 2035.

We are predicting that Nikola or any other automobile company will definitely implement artificial intelligence technology in their vehicles and will increase their growth by the time. They can even use AI to increase their production and work speed. AI can also decrease their expenses by which their growth rate will increase and their stock price will also get some value.

Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2040


Day by day in the automobile industry new technology is coming and if Nikola uses any one of them then their growth will definitely increase. We are expecting that Nikola stock might reach at $30 if it performs well in the industry by implementing new technologies. But on the other hand if Nikola fails to do something new then their price might reach at $25.

The average price of Nikola stock in 2040 would be around $27.

Nikola Stock Forecast 2050


We are expecting that in 2050 the sales in the automobile industry will do huge growth and companies will generate a lot of profit from it and Nikola will be one of them.

For 2050, minimum targeted price of Nikola stock will be around $40 and maximum targeted price is around $50. However, average price of Nikola stock might be $43 in 2050.

Nikola Stock Price Prediction 2060


As per our point of view, we expects that Nikola could be a good long term investment with huge growth till 2060. We are predicting that Nikola might reach at $65 as the highest targeted price and $54 as the lowest targeted price. The average price of Nikola stock will be around $60 in 2060.

Is Nikola A Good Investment

As we have predicted all the price on the expectations that company will recover soon but it is not recommended to invest in it because there is not much information about the Nikola is available and many analysts had predicted that Nikola might go out of business by the end of 2023.

If you have bought any stock of Nikola then it is recommended to hold it and wait for some time as Nikola is also given the rating of “Hold”.

At this time, we have difficulty to decide whether Nikola will recover or not. If Nikola recovers then our prediction might be true.

Different analysis have voted for Nikola stock price and the most of the common vote was that Nikola will reach at $8.25.

How High Can Nikola Go?

This totally depends upon the company that how company will perform in the future which will led them to success. As per our analysis, we are expecting that Nikola could reach a high price of around $10 by the end of 2023. And many other analysis are expecting that Nikola will be out of business by the end of this year. But, analysts can be wrong, you will have to do your own research and then take any decision.

For a better analysis, do complete research about the company their employees and founder. See who is currently leading the company. Take a note on their production and sales. Also, checkout who is investing on the company then make your decision.

Final Words

We have completely discussed about Nikola stock price prediction from 2023 to 2060. We have found that company is still facing problems in succeeding but after all anything can happen.

After looking at the prediction of Nikola stock, you have do your own research because everyone’s analysis strategies are different.

Many people do mistakes as they see the past of the company and predicts the future of the company which is not completely good, it is somehow a good point but past does not defines company’s future. If company had done growth in the past it does not mean that it will also do growth in the future.

Do research and see what company is making and selling.


  1. Will Nikola Survive?

    As it is hard to predict that a company will survive or not
    As we know Nikola is a company which produces electric vehicles and EV industry is doing great and people are attracted towards EV.
    A company’s growth depends upon various factors such as production rate, launching of great products, using of new technologies, getting some plans for customers, collaboration with huge companies and also marketing of their products. In last, if the company satisfies their customers then definitely company will survive.

  2. What will be Nikola’s stock worth in 5 years?

    According to our technical analysis, Nikola’s worth in 5 years will be around $7 to $9 depending upon the company’s performance. Average price of Nikola might be around $7.8 in next 5 years.

  3. Is Nikola a good stock to buy?

    As the stock market experts have suggested that Nikola is facing too much problems and some of them has also predicted that company might get out of business by the end of 2023.
    Looking at expert’s suggestion and our technical analysis, we recommend not to buy Nikola stock but after its all your own decision, do your own research but if you want to play with risk then you can buy Nikola.





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